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Transfer Pricing  Policy Services

Transfer Pricing  Policy

Transfer pricing policy embodies the framework of rules and principles implemented by a company to ascertain the pricing of goods, services, or intangible assets exchanged among its affiliated entities or divisions situated in diverse countries or tax jurisdictions. This facet of international taxation is pivotal and is governed by a multitude of laws, regulations, and guidelines across various nations.

At its core, the arm’s length principle dictates that the prices for transfers between related parties should mirror those that would be negotiated between unrelated parties engaged in comparable transactions under similar conditions.

Seeking expert guidance on Transfer Pricing Policy services in the UAE?

Instances When Our Services Might Be Relevant to You:

Need assistance in reinforcing your existing transfer pricing policies and fulfilling documentation necessities for various transaction types?

Considering the implementation of new transfer pricing policies due to changes in your business and/or supply chain dynamics?

Required to defend your transfer prices or seeking support for dispute resolution matters and litigation cases?

Evaluating the implications of reforms arising from the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.

Our Offerings:

Support your transfer pricing policies by crafting Masterfiles, Local Files, and Country-by-Country reporting templates, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

Develop tax-efficient and globally defensible transfer pricing models, aligning with your commercial activities and international transfer pricing standards.

Provide guidance to multinational groups on business restructuring and optimizing value chain configurations.

Assist in the practical implementation of transfer pricing models for businesses and offer Tax Authority dispute resolution services, along with aiding in managing TP litigation cases through prevention, management, and resolution strategies.

Key Components of a Transfer Pricing Policy

An effectively crafted transfer pricing policy usually encompasses the following components:


Firms must maintain thorough documentation supporting their transfer pricing policies and methodologies, demonstrating adherence to the arm’s length principle. This documentation may encompass functional analyses, economic evaluations, comparable benchmarking data, and other pertinent information.


The transfer pricing policy should outline the method or methods utilized for determining transfer prices, such as the comparable uncontrolled price (CUP) method, resale price method, cost-plus method, or profit split method, among others. The chosen methodology should align with relevant local regulations and guidelines.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations concerning transfer pricing in each country or tax jurisdiction of operation is essential. This entails understanding and adhering to local documentation requirements, disclosure obligations, and penalties for non-compliance.

Risk Assessment

The transfer pricing policy should evaluate and address potential risks associated with transfer pricing, including tax audits, disputes, and penalties. It should also consider the company’s risk tolerance and the level of documentation and supporting evidence necessary to defend transfer pricing arrangements in the event of challenges from tax authorities.

Alignment with Business Strategies

Alignment with the company’s overarching business strategies and objectives is crucial. This involves considering factors such as the functions performed, risks assumed, and assets employed by each affiliated entity involved in intercompany transactions.

Periodic Review

Regular review of the transfer pricing policy is necessary to ensure ongoing effectiveness and compliance with evolving local regulations and business circumstances. Adjustments or updates should be made as needed.

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