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Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi

Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi

As a leading tax consultant in Abu Dhabi, we specialize in providing comprehensive financial solutions to individuals and businesses. Our experienced team offers expert guidance on tax planning, compliance, and optimization strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

UAE VAT: 5% rate on most products/services. Statutory registration at 375K AED, optional threshold at 187.5K AED.

Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

MOF: Corporate Income Tax starts from June 1, 2023. Applies to most operations except natural resource exploitation.

Excise Tax

UAE excise tax: Oct 1, 2017 onwards. Discourages usage of hazardous goods, generates revenue for public services.

Why Choose Saif Chartered Accountants for Tax Consultancy Services in Abu Dhabi?

Saif Chartered Accountants: Expert tax consultancy in UAE for years, fulfilling clients’ needs with satisfaction. We optimize your business tax structure, offer tailored solutions, advice on tax management, filing returns, audits, permit/license renewal.


Established in 1994: Your Trusted Tax Consultant in the UAE

Choose us as your tax consultant because Saif Chartered Accountants has been serving clients in the UAE since its establishment in 1994. With our extensive experience and expertise, we provide reliable and trusted tax consultancy services to meet your business needs.

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Looking for Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi?

How can they assist your business in optimizing tax strategies?

Tax is a changing field due to technology, with new perspectives provided regularly. Tax laws and procedures have changed over time. Businesses need to master tax fundamentals. Abu Dhabi tax consultants offer quality tax advice. Businesses must handle tax issues effectively. Protecting the business’s tax status is crucial.

VAT tax is a new revenue source for public services, reducing reliance on oil. Consulting a VAT consultant is important due to its newness. Abu Dhabi experts understand the issue, keeping your business secure.

The Advantages of Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi

Tax consultants in Abu Dhabi ensure compliance with tax requirements by assisting companies and individuals in filing tax returns. Hiring them offers several advantages:

  • Time-saving: Tax consultants help streamline the process of filing returns, saving valuable time.
  • Data preparation: They assist in preparing and providing crucial business data necessary for tax purposes.
  • Expertise in regulations: Abu Dhabi tax consultants possess in-depth knowledge of government regulations and procedures, enabling them to navigate complex tax matters.
  • Optimal resource utilization: Consultants intelligently utilize existing funds while ensuring adherence to laws.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Tax consultants stay informed about tax authority policy changes, ensuring compliance with updated guidelines.
  • Error prevention: Their expertise minimizes transactional errors and misconduct, keeping clients penalty-free.

TAX Consultancy Services in Abu Dhabi

Explore our comprehensive range of services below:

TAX Agent services

As a registered UAE tax agent, we act as a bridge between individuals and the FTA. We help clients assess tax obligations and exercise their tax rights effectively.

VAT Registration

Listing your company as operational in production and sales with the UAE government requires this mandatory step. Saif Chartered Accountants provide comprehensive assistance with the VAT registration process, including operational procedures and documentation requirements.

VAT Implementation

Accurate implementation of VAT in business is crucial. Dealing with intricate tax matters can greatly benefit in maximizing profits and reducing tax liabilities. The installation of value-added tax is a complex process that necessitates consulting reliable VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi.

VAT Return Filing

In the UAE, a taxable individual must submit a VAT return in the format mandated by the Federal Tax Authority. The VAT return reflects the amount of tax payable and refundable for a specific tax period. Saif Chartered Accountants’s tax agents are available to help you and your business file VAT returns promptly and without any hassle.

VAT Accounting

Every taxable firm in the UAE is obligated to maintain accurate accounts and VAT records. Proper bookkeeping and VAT accounting are crucial, and Saif Chartered Accountants consultants in Abu Dhabi provide efficient VAT accounting services.

Corporate Tax Registration

In the UAE, corporations are required to register with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and obtain a corporate tax registration ID or number. This registration is applicable to all businesses, regardless of whether they are subject to a 0 percent or 9 percent corporation tax rate. To fulfill your business requirements, you can select from a range of corporate tax advisors in the UAE who specialize in assisting with various types of tax registrations.

How to register

Corporate Tax Return Filing

The FTA requires that businesses be allowed to file a single consolidated tax return, rather than requiring them to file multiple returns. This consolidated return must be filed within nine months of the end of each relevant tax period.

To find out more about e-filing corporate tax returns in the UAE, Please contact us : Saif Chartered Accountants,  Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE.

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