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UAE Corporate Tax Registration in Abu Dhabi. Call us Now!

UAE Corporate Tax Registration in Abu Dhabi. Call us Now!
UAE corporate tax registration

UAE Corporate Tax Registration: Starting from June 1, 2023, the business community in the UAE will be liable to pay corporate taxes. To comply with the new regulations, it’s crucial to know the administrative obligations, including tax registration, filing corporate tax returns, and payment. Consulting with a corporate tax advisor in Dubai can help business owners prepare in advance and avoid severe penalties for non-compliance in the UAE.

The UAE Corporate tax registration applies to all businesses whether they are subject to 0% or 9 % corporation tax. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from a list of corporate tax advisors in UAE who help you with all types of tax registration.

Although previously exempt, Free Zone businesses (including financial free zones) in UAE will now be liable to pay Corporate Tax. However, businesses that comply with all regulatory requirements and do not operate in mainland UAE will continue to benefit from existing corporate tax incentives. To comply with the new regulations, Free Zone businesses need to register and file a Corporate Tax Return.

UAE Corporate Tax Registration : How and When to Register ?

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